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Fintech Software Development

We offer software development services and dedicated teams to support your custom financial software development.


Our FinTech Development Services

Trading Platform

We can build trading platforms that will work for both experts and professional traders. This will help you to better manage your financial operations and processes.

Web and Mobile Wallet

Developing a web or mobile wallet allows you to easily save on your market reports budget services. Your wallet will include bill pay, cash withdrawals, funds transfer, etc.

Сrурtосurrеnсу Payment Gateway

If you want to accept credit card payments online, we can help with this. Payment gateway helps to accept online payments and manage your cash flow easily.

Сrурtосurrеnсу Ехсhаngе Turnkey

Our team will help to enable the banking system, allowing you to track exchanges anytime and anywhere from your wearable devices just like any digital phone wallet.

We Offer Financial & Superior Services

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Know Who We Are

About our company

SDD-TECHNOLOGY is an alliance of companies, specializing in software development and digital technology.

This page was created for our division of Fintech, where the highly qualified specialists with more than 10 years of experience in the field of fintech and security are engaged in the development of software for financial institutions, banks and gateways. 

Our team has been working in this field since 2012 and has vast experience in developing products and services, such as cryptocurrency exchanges, banking applications, electronic wallets and many other high-tech solutions for financial management business.

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